Jun 24, 2016

Conservatory at Waterstone wedding of Kristen and Ryan

Conservatory at Waterstone wedding of Kristen and Ryan

This Conservatory at Waterstone wedding has got to be one of my favorites. Long time friend Kristen chose this quaint venue  in Actworth Ga for her and Ryan to say their I’do in front of sixty four of their closest family and friends. I can’t believe she planned this whole wedding in only a couple of weeks. Never seen that done before seems like it would be mission impossible but she did it and it was fantastic.

True love between these two kids can be seen and heard throughout their entire video. I absolutely love the train shots in this and how we incorporated it into their wedding video. The staff at the Conservatory at Waterstone we such a pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough great things about them. Shooting shotgun on the stills was the beautiful and talented Glass Axon so be sure to check out her work as well. So sit back and relax and watch their day unfold! Don’t forget to drop us a comment and share if you like what you see!

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