Nov 30, 2016

Guy’s You Don’t Want To End Up Like This.

Lil’ Dicky, the rapper that brought you the hilarious music video for ‘Professional Rapper’ , has released a new song titled ‘Molly’ with an accompanying music video that might break your heart. I mean nobody wants to ever be in this situation and oddly enough I found myself right in his shoes.

‘Molly’ is dedicated to Lil’ Dicky’s real life ex-girlfriend, the video shows Dicky – real name David Andrew Burd – attend his ex’s wedding as a guest and explores the pain he felt at watching her marry another man. It doesn’t get any more real than this. Guys if you love her…squeeze her tight and never let her go. Coming from someone who’s been there.

 As for why the relationship didn’t work out, Lil Dicky raps on the song; “Wanted you back, but when the fact is that I always put you second to rap/ I’m not mad that you wouldn’t come/ And even though I had to move I ain’t move on.”


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  • Ryan Dec 1, 2016

    This is killer man…

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