Alisha’s Trash The Dress

Indy Bridal Extreme

Yes…finally get to post this, Alisha’s Trash The Dress Video, We shot all day in a spooky house built in 1919 with no water or electricity and had to use generators for the tv power and heater. We also brought in a 150 lb claw foot tub and had water delivered via Amazing Auto Services big thanks to Allen for waking up and delivering at 7AM, yall check him out! The water in the tub had to be no warmer than 40 degrees ….makes me shiver just thinking about it! I asked Javon Longieliere of Javon Longieliere Photography to come with us on this shoot , yall have to check out his work….amazing! We wanted the concept to be kinda dark and taboo from what your use to seeing in the wedding video business! The song is titled ” Time Of The Season” which is fitting since were in the beginning of this hot wedding season! So Check it out and drop us a line to tell us what you think!