Breaking Vegas – Kenzie and Jeremey – Flamingo Hotel Wedding

All American

I really don’t know where to begin this post but ” F#@%ing – A”, This wedding video is insane. If you have watched a wedding video or two in the past just know this isn’t your typical wedding flick nor is this your typical bride and groom. What we have here is the most swagadotious, epic, all eyes on me couple I have ever filmed for. I first came in contact with Kenzie and Jeremy through a mutual friend, partner in crime and wedding photographer extraordinaire Chris Yellina with Graceology Photography. Once I chatted with them for a few it was true love! They told me they wanted something raw and real. They wanted their wedding video over the top and organic as the two of them. This was the first wedding video that I ever filmed handheld, there wasn’t any fancy slider moves or fake poses here. Its pretty much as bare as you can get and that includes asses and all. So take a trip to the Flamingo Hotel for Kenzie and Jeremy’s over the top , pink wedding and don’t forget to share and smash the thumbs up button! Wedding videos will never be the same!