Neelie’s Trash The Dress

Indy Bridal Extreme

Wow , dont really know where to begin with this post but to say please be sitting before watching this… Oh and turn it up loud! Anyways we had the utmost pleasure in getting to film Neelie’s Trash The Dress session in a little ghost town called Nelson. Thanks to my buddy Ray Schlogel from Underground Planet I was turned on to this very dope location. If your not sure what Trash the Dress is or would like to see the behind the scenes photos check out our previous post here. The concept was Neelie basically crawls out of a plane wreck and wonder into an old ghost town where she finds her dress and trashes it. We chose this really badass spot for the downed plane that sits on the road and we chose the element of wind and sand for the oblivious reasons, but never used the finale element which i think was an idea me decided with the help of the JD. 🙂 ”Dont want to spoil it” but the wind delivered that day. Didn’t stop blowing past 30mph all day it seemed, it was perfect. Im still finding sand and shit in my ears and nose. The ride out to Nelson was fun too, drinking whiskey from a bottle ” had to get into that wild west mode” and not really knowing where we were going. When we got there we had to purchase a license to shoot , and sign a document saying something like No thongs and No nudity…. pretty funny stuff ,we had to have look outs for us to make sure nobody was coming. Felt like outlaws breakin the law. But anyways big thanks to Neelie for such great acting and believing in the idea.