Aug 18, 2016

Sexy Bank Heist Boudoir Video – Kenzie + Jeremy

Guess who’s back? No other than our Rock-star couple Kenzie and Jeremy. If you haven’t seen their super hot wedding video then please take a second and check it out HERE! So we set out to make a really sexy, vintage vibe, Pulp Fiction, uninhibited in your face boudoir video for Kenzie and Jeremy and I must say they really nailed it. We wanted to up the ante on what really is boudoir. It’s hard to find a boudoir video floating around the internet. If you do its more of a behind the scenes photography shoot and that just wasn’t going to cut it. We also didn’t want a one bedroom scene after all this is video. This is what a boudoir video should look like….and we went HARD! 18+ NSFW
Hope you enjoy.

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  • Brittany Aug 18, 2016

    Yes ! I’m all about this. I would not be opposed to y’all robbing me any day ❣ sexiest married couple ive ever seen !

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