Mar 20, 2016

Should I have a wedding videographer?

Atlanta wedding videographer

Should you have an Atlanta wedding videographer you may ask. If you are on the fence about having one or not sure you can afford it , you may want to ask yourself what would it be worth if you could watch your great grandmothers wedding video. To hear her voice again and see your parents as babies. Out of the only two take aways that you get from your big day. The day you spent so much time and money planning. Why would you not want a beautiful stylized wedding film to share with everyone? I’ve taken the effort to combine several testimonies from actual brides. Just read what they say.[/dropcap]

I was in the same boat as well, totally thought videographers were a waste of much needed wedding cash!  But…after I stumbled upon an amazing videographer’s site, I had to have it.  I thought a wedding video would be very amateur-ish (what? it’s a word!) looking, just a shaky camera at the back of the church but I totally ate my words.  There are people that can make your wedding look like it’s own feature film!  I highly suggest reconsidering and doing some research to find the type of video that will bring you back to your day every time you watch it!lindsd16

Definitely! It has been almost two weeks since our wedding and I absolutely can’t wait to see it, and I’m one of the people who thought it was unnecessary at first. You have your memories from the day; a video brings those memories into focus and shows you everything you missed. One of our guests posted a video of our first dance on FB and even just watching that was amazing to be able to relive it. Trust me, you will want to be able to see the day again fro another point of view. MissLLC

I am having one and it was something we knew we wanted from the get-go.  Every one I have talked to who hasn’t had one has said that they regretted it.  BunnyBunz

My sister was married last year and she said that she regrets not having a videographer. I know that they can be expensive, but you have to ask yourself is it worth it, and to me it is. I can relive the moment of exchanging our vows everyday if I choose to. Edwina

We didn’t and I regret it. Of course we have photos, but I would of loved to relive it all again, as it all went by so fast! I hardly remember the ceremony and what was goin on around me. -FMS, the barefoot wife!

We didn’t get one for budget reasons. I REALLY wish I’d spent the money because I’d love to relive the ceremony again! I’d say that if you decide not to budget for a full blown videographer, at least see if you can hire someone to videotape the wedding ceremony for you. Konichiwa 

Theses are just some of the THOUSANDS and if you have time really google it yourself. You really can not afford not to have one. It will be the most important thing that you take away from your wedding.  Indy Productions Atlanta wedding videography offers an easily affordable payment plans for every package making it easy for you to have a breath taking tear jerkin wedding film for yourself. Check out our work and fill out the contact form so we can hear about what you have planned. We would love to work with you.


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