Feb 5, 2016

Wedding Videography Atlanta – Anant + Alana

[pullquote_left]Amazingly the music used in this video was written and recorded by the groom. They recorded a whole wedding album and gave them to their guests….wow[/pullquote_left] [dropcap] There is so much to say about wedding videography Atlanta but none like this. I’ve never had the joy of editing a wedding video where the groom wrote, recorded, mixed and produced his own music. Amazing talent right here guys and Anant and Alana couldn’t have been any cooler. This was a two day adventure filled with laughter, gorgeous deco , and amazing times. They said their ido’s both days at King Plow in Atlanta Ga. and we did a little shooting at the nearby Goat Farm , which if you never been its an amazing place for a shoot. You must look them up.[/dropcap]

The title of the album and their film is Leaf by Leaf. The name came from how Anant proposed. Anant woke Alana up at 5 in the morning after lying awake all night nervously staring at the ceiling. He played the song he had written and recorded for her on his phone. she woke up thinking it was an alarm going off and asked why they were waking up so early. then he got down on his knees beside the bed and asked if she would grow with him “leaf by leaf” (which is the name of the song he wrote) for the rest of their lives. She said yes! and then asked to hear the song again since she didnt know to pay attention to it the first time. lol

So go grab you a coffee, sit back, relax and check out their short film titled Leaf By Leaf.  Also please don’t forget to show some love in the comments! Sharing is caring.

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  • Bala Feb 5, 2016

    Great wedding and preview video. Love you guys??!!!

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